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How to Thrive in Challenge

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2021

When things get tough and scary it's normal to feel disoriented, overwhelmed, unsure, fearful, and less then logical. I mean you weren’t expecting that challenge to come out of nowhere.

When we get caught off guard it’s important to give our nervous system some coaching. I don’t know about you but my body in times of perceived emergency overreacts. It thinks I am in immense danger and that I must shut everything down and react. I rarely react well in these moments, especially if they are not true emergencies.


There is rarely urgency in life.

If only we could remember this in the moments when our stress response is beating us down with fear and panic--our blood pressure and breathing rates change and our ability to think and reason go down. To top it off our guilt and shame is piling up because of the dialogue we are having with ourselves.

Rarely are there true true true emergencies.

I googled it. 9-1-1 is really tired of people calling in with non...

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Why Yin Yang is just as important now as it was 3000 years ago

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2021


Yin Yang is wise now. In this video, how to use it as a mindfulness practice.

Learn more on the Purpose Fairy Blog:

10 Reasons Slowing Down Will Speed Up Your Life By Casey Berard

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Feel Feisty: 2nd Chakra Wisdom for the Feisty Soul

Uncategorized Feb 09, 2021

Are you ready to live, I mean really live? To be touched by life? And let life touch you?
Greetings beautiful feisty soul!

I think feistiness (I am making that a word) is the spice of life. Ready to own, live and thrive in yours? Ready to be lively, determined and courageous with a touch of edge?

Oh my goodness! Where to start?! How do we grow?
To be aware of our unique and lively, determined, and courageous selves.
Exercise of choice:

Writing down 3 things we value about ourselves daily, DAILY!!
I value my ability to be in the moment
I value my habits of doing dishes
I value my ability to be open to opportunities
I value myself in the moment
I value my insights
I value my skills
It's easy to take ourselves for granted and that means we will let others step all over us, subtly and overtly. This exercise changed my life. It got me to realize what I offered the world. That I am enough!


To experience all the emotions and sensations that exist within our being
Gosh, this one is...

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Live Spiritually in the "Real World"? Yes!

Uncategorized Feb 05, 2021

Spirituality doesn't have to be a dirty word in your daily life and something you hide or are ashamed to share.

Hello feisty soul!

I have been working with people from all walks of life for awhile now, it's my 18th year of practice.

Teachers, chefs, carpenters, managers, IT folk, mechanics, technicians, engineers, factory workers, bookkeepers, nurses, counsellors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, moms, dads, children, and more have come to see me on a quest to stop the pain and suffering (physical, emotional and spiritual).

One of the interweaving threads and agonies is the belief in something more.

An interconnectedness.

A higher purpose or calling of their heart, perhaps their soul. The uniqueness of the language used to describe the feelings and energy are what separates.

A long time ago,

I decided that living my spirituality was one of my top values, mostly because it effected every area of my life.
I made my "home", my "default"-- a place of love, compassion and openness.

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