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We believe everyone deserves access to the Acupressure for Labour Course and App:

Please find below:

  • Our philosophy on fee structures
  • A summary chart to find your fee
  • A formula to find your fee if you want an exact (ie. to the penny-we get it. We would use this option!) equitable fee payment
  • Reminders of what you'll get in the course.

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Thank you for your interest in purchasing the Acupressure for Labour Course and App.

I believe this support should and can be made available to any birthing person or support person who needs it. It is for this reason that I am offering this course using an “equitable fee scale.” To do this, I used Ontario Living Wage.ca to set up a base from which people pay. You will not be asked to prove your income.

Please note: There are NO REFUNDS for purchase of this course as you get instant access to the content and app to use immediately in labour.

Here are the guidelines:
$ 197.00 is the base cost for the course.
It includes 13 % HST, course platform/app expenses, and all service expenses charged by credit card companies/square/stripe/paypal (ranges from 2.59% plus 49 cents per transaction to 3.49% plus 49 cents per transaction.)

Please input your and / or your and your partner's combined income into the formula below or use the fee chart for quick $10K income increments:
If your circumstances are challenging right now please pay what you can. Any amount between zero to infinity can be entered and all fees help to keep promoting Acupressure for Labour Course and App and allow the course’s creators to live and keep their family happy and healthy too.

A Table of Fees for Easy Check-out

Income and Equitable Fee:

0 to 50000 pay $0-$197
50,000 to 100,000=$197
100,000 to 150,000=$394
150,000 to 200,000=$591
200,000 to 250,000=$788
250,000 to 300,000=$985
300,000 to 350,000=$1182
350,000 to 400,000=$1379
400,000 to 450,000=$1576
450,000 to 500,000=$1773
500,000 to 550,000=$1970
550,000 to 600,000$2167
600,000 to 650,000=$2364
650,000 to 700,000=$2561
700,000 to 750,000=$2758
750,000 to 800,000=$2955
800,000 to 850,000=$3152
850,000 to 900,000=$3349
900,000 to 950,000=$3546
950,000 to 100,000=$3743
1,000,000 to 1,050,000=$3940

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The Formula If Your Prefer:

(Income / $ 50,000) times $197= pay this amount

For example: 0-$50,000 NO formula needed. You pay $0
If you and or your partner's total income is less than $ 50,000
Using the ‘equitable pay’ formula you pay: $0

For example: You make $ 50,000
$ 50,000/ $ 50,000 times $197
=1 times $197
= $ 197.00
Using the ‘pay what you can’ formula you pay: $197.00

For example: You make $67,000; and your partner makes $43,000
($ 67,000 + $ 43,000)/$ 50,000 times $197
=($ 110,000)/ $ 50,000 times $197
=2.2 times $ 197
=$ 433.40
Using the ‘pay what you can’ formula you and your partner jointly pay: $ 433.40

For example: Your total income (you or you and your partner) is $357,800
$357,800/ $50,000 times $197
= 7.156 times $197
= $ 1409.73

For example: Your total income (you or you and your partner) is $357,800
$357,800/ $50,000 times $197
= 7.156 times $197
= $ 1409.73

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What You Will Get In the Course:

8 easy to learn acupressure points that support you through the physical and emotional experience of pregnancy, labour and postpartum.

What you'll get:

  • Videos and diagrams to use before and during labour through your cell phone with the Kajabi app or on your computer! 
  • PDF handouts of the acupressure point location and uses
  • 3 quick and efficient videos to help you during labour:
    (we have designed videos that are kinda like football plays and you have access right on your phone through the kajabi app)
  • Longer more detailed videos so you can understand the concepts behind the points
  • Up close videos ensure you will confidently find the right spots (I have you covered)
  • Being able to do the points on yourself (Yup, I made videos on this too)

Plus the 3 bonus courses:

1. How to use your B.R.A.I.N.S. for when shit hits the fan

A video to help deal with any new facts or challenges that come up during pregnancy, labour and postpartum

2. R.R.P.N. wisdom for the birther and support person

A simple strategy to keep you grounded before, during and after labour

3. Yoni Yoga for Beginners

This is gentle yoga instruction to help your yoni or pelvic floor recover from birth and pregnancy~ not a work out… So don’t be afraid that you are going to be unable to get through it… If I can do it, anyone can!

You can start the class immediately: anytime, anywhere after 36 weeks of pregnancy!


  • Only recommended for pregnant people who are at least 36 weeks or later into their pregnancy
  • WARNING: Starting these points sooner, before the 36th week of pregnancy, could put the pregnant person and the baby in great danger. 


Please consult your physician before engaging in any health care or exercise or exercise program or using supplementary products and always use caution when engaging in any activity or using any product or information provided on this site.   The information given on this website is opinion and only opinion. 
By voluntarily participating in this health care or exercise program or using the information provided, you assume all risk of injury to yourself and release and discharge caseyberard.com and Casey Berard from all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising from use of the  information therein.

NO Refunds will be given. 

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