Free and Applied Mindfulness 101 Disclaimer

Casey Berard is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master and in this role adheres to a strict code of conduct including ongoing professional development, understanding scope of practice and confidentiality.

Casey Berard is NOT a therapy based coach, but rather a place for accessing information and support that may or may not be relevant to your individual needs. As such any information gained from Casey Berard is of complementary nature and NOT intended to override any individual healthcare or therapeutic service you previously, currently, or in the future, have/will seek.

Additionally, any personal accounts given by Casey regarding her lived experience of mindfulness, yoga, Reiki, Tantra, healing, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD etc are her own, not to be interpreted as diagnostic measures and not reflective of any other person’s lived experience.Please note that Casey Berard is not a therapy service and is not affiliated by any Association.

Individual therapeutic needs will not be discussed, assessed or evaluated in this space.Casey Berard will not be held accountable or liable for any decisions you make or consequences resulting either directly or indirectly from the information offered in any of her services or resources.

All material, content and images are copyright Casey Berard unless otherwise credited, please do not take content from this book and reproduce in any form without direct permission.Casey Berard reserves the right to make any amendments to this disclaimer at any time. By accessing this book, course or session you acknowledge your agreement to these terms and conditions.


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3 Little Questions

Hate Deep Breaths?

Me too.

Let me share with you my 3 little questions that can be used in place of taking 10 deep breaths.

Applied Mindfulness at its finest.

I'll have you back in the moment and live your life in a few minutes.

Free video course with PDF cheat sheet

What People Are Saying:

“I wanted to thank you immensely for a single piece of paper you gave me. What paper? The one that explains the Sitting, Standing, Laying Down. You would not believe how much impact such a little thing can have. In the last 10 months I've also gone through some dark places; breakups, life changes, external stresses etc. I have taken a year off dating (officially) and focused on myself and on living with intention, passion and love of self; I've got 3 more months (until January 1st) to just continue this journey / path and I love every minute of it! I know exactly whose story I am in and what state I am in every step of the way. I have experienced significant successes in fitness, finance and fun! All because of a little piece of paper! Think Michael at -60lbs, fit, fun and focused! If there are any clients out there, who are like me (gruff men who aren't used to expressing feelings and can often feel overwhelmed by them when they do come to the surface), you should explain those steps to them. A life can change completely in less than a year and you can go from "not sure about the long term direction" to "in love with who they are". If they are serious about changing, or cutting away the useless shit/people/places in their lives, then they will adopt and commit to it! If I can do it, ANYONE can! Much Respect and Appreciation, Michael”