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Casey Berard is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master and in this role adheres to a strictcode of conduct including ongoing professional development, understanding scope of practice and confidentiality.

Casey Berard is NOT a therapy based coach, but rather a place for accessing information and support that may or may not be relevant to your individual needs. As such any information gained from Casey Berard is of complementary nature and NOT intended to override any individual healthcare or therapeutic service you previously, currently, or in the future, have/will seek.

Additionally, any personal accounts given by Casey regarding her lived experience of mindfulness, yoga, Reiki, Tantra, healing, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD etc are her own, not to be interpreted as diagnostic measures and not reflective of any other person’s lived experience.Please note that Casey Berard is not a therapy service and is not affiliated by any Association.

Individual therapeutic needs will be not be discussed, assessed or evaluated in this space.Casey Berard will not be held accountable or liable for any decisions you make or consequences resulting either directly or indirectly from the information offered in any of her services or resources.

All material, content and images are copyright Casey Berard unless otherwise credited, please do not take content from this book and reproduce in any from without direct permission.Casey Berard reserves the right to make any amendments to this disclaimer at any time. By accessing this book, course or session you acknowledge your agreement to these terms and conditions.

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Acupressure for Labour and more session (1.5 hour)

This journey into the Now will thrill you, challenge you, heal you on many levels. It will:

  • Give you the tools to deal with any BS that comes your way
  • Help you focus to keep you clear on the life you want to create
  • Tap into spiritual secrets that lead to the life you want
  • Connect your desired destination with the path you must take
  • Learn to be in your own business while loving others
  • Delight in self compassion: the fun of being your own friend
  • Honour your emotions how anger fear and shame are your guides, not enemies
  • Teach you why to put fear and anger in the child seat and give them something to eat
  • Be a better partner or friend to those you love and care about 
  • All while living and loving fully with other people
  • And having healthy and assertive boundaries 

Applied mindfulness means:

  • Learning to be in the present moment.
  • Staying in your own business.
  • Letting go of the past and embracing the future. 


What People Are Saying:

I've always been really impressed with Casey’s professionalism: her sense of appropriate boundaries, safety, confidentiality and security is quite amazing. I sometimes in my rational brain I would say, “no this is too expensive,” but then I just experience repeatedly the value so I keep coming back. She is not gonna give you any BS, so you know if you're really interested in really getting down to the bottom of what your issues are she's gonna help you do that. And she's not gonna pull any punches. I love this about Casey.

Kerry Wilson, client

I was considering seeing Casey for years. I had been seeing other coaches and they were no longer working for me for various reasons: they weren't pointing me to resources or teaching me the tools to help myself. I'm so grateful I took the chance of seeing Casey. The investment has paid off tremendously in all areas my life. I want to go on and on about how it's affected all the relationships in my life: it's changed my life for the better. Yeah all the way around, everything! I'm having a new life!

Lisa McPherson, client