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Emotional Rescue

"Even though I entered many of my first sessions with Casey, with hesitation, skepticism, and a lack of commitment to myself, nearly 3 years later, I still book sessions with Casey, for self, relationship and professional advice (and professional relationship advice).

She is a wealth of non-judgmental knowledge, and a great source for emotional rescue of a feisty soul."

Gareth, 38, Manager & College Instructor

“Casey made the idea of change less scary.

She showed how gradual and easy growth was the best path.

I appreciated Casey’s logical and structural perspective of the human spirit.

I would highly recommend her as a safe, trustworthy tour guide of mindful health.”

Tory Greff, bookkeeper

Advice to pass on

"Casey was so supportive in helping my eldest teen grow into her life. It was amazing because she was able to sleep better at night, she was able to develop some personal practices that she can use on a daily basis to help her deal with ongoing anxiety. She did better at school. It was really funny because so many of her friends ended up coming to her and asking her for advice and she was able to pass on some of the things that she learned."

K. Wilson.-Mother of teen client, and Spiritual Director

“I would love to share about my experience with my sessions!

I was feeling very lost in life. I hated my job, I was in the beginning stages of separating from my wife, I really just didn't know who "I" was anymore because I had spent so much of my life trying to be what I thought others wanted me to be.  I was hopeful, but somewhat skeptical, that working with you would produce a different result than working with a psycho therapist.

I was afraid that the sessions wouldn't help, because I didn't know where to turn to next.  As soon as I met you, I knew this was where I needed to be.  You made me feel so comfortable, and your energy set me at ease. 

I loved the self discovery the most.  I was really able to reconnect with who I am, and be happy with that.  Also, that you weren't trying to "fix" me, you guided me and helped me discover the tools to find things on my own.

My results were amazing to me.  I no longer feel lost.  I am more confident with who I am, and I don't morph myself to please others.  I am not afraid to speak my mind, as I had been in the past.  And I expect people to like/love me for who I am.

Everything about the sessions were unexpected.  I didn't expect to feel a connection with you the way I do, I didn't expect to be this confident, I didn't expect to feel as energized as I did after sessions.

I would, have, and will continue to recommend this to everyone.

I am willing to pay out of pocket for this because of the results I have experienced. It makes me feel amazing for days after a session.  I feel totally cleansed emotionally.”

Ken Aubertin, 38, construction labourer.

“I wanted to thank you immensely for a single piece of paper you gave me.

What paper? The one that explains the Sitting, Standing, Laying Down. You would not believe how much impact such a little thing can have. In the last 10 months I've also gone through some dark places; breakups, life changes, external stresses etc. I have taken a year off dating (officially) and focused on myself and on living with intention, passion and love of self; I've got 3 more months (until January 1st) to just continue this journey / path and I love every minute of it! I know exactly whose story I am in and what state I am in every step of the way. I have experienced significant successes in fitness, finance and fun! All because of a little piece of paper! Think Michael at -60lbs, fit, fun and focused! 

If there are any clients out there, who are like me (gruff men who aren't used to expressing feelings and can often feel overwhelmed by them when they do come to the surface), you should explain those steps to them. A life can change completely in less than a year and you can go from "not sure about the long term direction" to "in love with who they are". If they are serious about changing, or cutting away the useless shit/people/places in their lives, then they will adopt and commit to it!

If I can do it, ANYONE can!

Much Respect and Appreciation,


Start small-

Want to dip your toe in the water of personal growth and mindfulness?

Start with that piece of paper and go from there.

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