Casey Berard

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Applied Mindfulness for Life's hard times

The wisdom of modern evidence based Psychology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Mindfulness, and Yoga compassionately and skillfully curated into session (s) that  give you the tools to reconnect you with your mind, body and spirit so you can live life easily and joyfully.

Casey is now accepting new clients. She has opened up free 30 minute calls to see if we would be a good fit to work together. Click on this box to see hours of availability and to book an appointment.

Chakra Therapy & Applied Mindfulness

Reclaim your truth, aliveness and resilience even when “shit hits the fan” in life. “I won’t take you anyplace I haven’t been.” Casey

My Advanced Life Degrees include:   depression, job loss, anxiety, parenting, boundaries, grief, divorce, and heart break

Join Casey in a self-paced course *no email* required called: 6 Empowering Life Tools to Help Get You Through the Gunk

Online Courses

Free Course:

Meditation 101

Other Courses Include:

Acupressure for Labour

Applied Mindfulness 101

Yoni Yoga for Beginners

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Skills for Birth and beyond

8 easy to learn acupressure points that support you through the physical and emotional experience of pregnancy, labour and postpartum.

You can start the class immediately: anytime, anywhere after 36 weeks of pregnancy!

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Tea Tarot

Personalized tarot card readings from the comfort of your own home. 


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Meditation made fun and easy

Did you know there is more then one way to meditate? Let me teach you 6 delivered to your email so you can practice in the comfort of your own home!


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