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Feel Feisty: 2nd Chakra Wisdom for the Feisty Soul

Uncategorized Feb 09, 2021

Are you ready to live, I mean really live? To be touched by life? And let life touch you?
Greetings beautiful feisty soul!

I think feistiness (I am making that a word) is the spice of life. Ready to own, live and thrive in yours? Ready to be lively, determined and courageous with a touch of edge?

Oh my goodness! Where to start?! How do we grow?
To be aware of our unique and lively, determined, and courageous selves.
Exercise of choice:

Writing down 3 things we value about ourselves daily, DAILY!!
I value my ability to be in the moment
I value my habits of doing dishes
I value my ability to be open to opportunities
I value myself in the moment
I value my insights
I value my skills
It's easy to take ourselves for granted and that means we will let others step all over us, subtly and overtly. This exercise changed my life. It got me to realize what I offered the world. That I am enough!


To experience all the emotions and sensations that exist within our being
Gosh, this one is actually very hard. I in fact have trouble getting people to speak of my coaching because this is so challenging.

We don't like feeling. It is scary and can hurt.

But, but, but!!

90 seconds of pain can lead to days and years of relief.

So the exercise is to practice sitting with uncomfortable for 90 seconds.

As I said to a client the other day, "We can't fix this, we have to feel it".

To be touched without judgement by our edge, our shadow, our truth
Ok, this may be harder then the above one. And it is so worth it.

Owning our shadow, the parts of ourselves that we don't enjoy, agree with or like particularly is really key to loving ourselves. It also helps prevent our bad behaviour.

The shadow left unloved leads to addiction, depression, anxiety, fear, meanness, judgement, "us vs them" thinking and more bad if not illegal behaviour.

Shadow work is not for beginners. It needs support and experience. Just wanted to introduce the idea here.

To be consensually open, curious and active in receiving and touching others on
emotional, physical and spiritual levels

Oh ya, now we are getting to the good stuff! This is the type of connection that bathes our brains with oxytocin, and dopamine! (The feel good hormones.)

This mindset leads to nourishing friendships and love affairs. I love the Metta Meditation and prayer for this shift in mindset...find it here
(my version at least) :

AND To be willing to withdraw consciously, safely and compassionately when need

Oh ya...can't talk about feelings and feistiness without talking about assertive boundaries.

One of my favourite topics! Probably because I have to work so consciously to have them.

I have definitely been the queen of stretching my needs and letting folks walk all over me. I work on this daily: with my kids, friends, ex, family and more!! In fact I think I will work on it daily for my life.

Boundaries are works in progress. They change and adapt based on so many variables. And yet it is still super important to know where you start and stop!!

A video: Unwavering Love and Assertive Boundaries can be found here--

Let me know how your journey to feeling feisty goes! Email me back, or comment on a video!

As always, I am here to remind you that You Are Enough and it's time to stop suffering and love your life. Let me know how I can help.

With Love,

Casey Berard


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