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Know Wisdom

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2021

Greetings wise beautiful soul!

Oh to know wisdom. Learning from our life, our truth, our inner knowing can lead us down a highly satisfying and joy filled path! Join me?

I have to say, it is not the easiest path. Especially when we know we have an ego!

Wisdom is often quiet.
In my experience, if you will let me personify wisdom, it doesn't yell, stomp or throw things to get my intention. It whispers quietly or gently taps on my shoulder.

My ego on the other hand, can get quite dramatic. It has a flare for big, loud expressions of what I really need right now!!! It is often impulsive and requires me to apologize a lot.

Wisdom is softer, it is housed in our cellular vibration, our DNA perhaps.

I often call it alignment.

Alignment feels good.

Ego feels hungry. (And never satisfied.)

The quickest ways to know wisdom:
1. Meditation

Meditation is about the now; whether it be a breathing meditation, a visualization or a point of focus meditation, the experience or attempt of single focus does wonders for connecting us with ourselves.

In that quiet or loud space, through breathing and being we notice the hustle and bustle of our minds.

The thoughts continue no matter how hard we try and stop them. The wisdom is in watching. Not attaching. Not judging. Bearing witness.

After years of meditation (21!) I rarely feel like I have gotten "there" until the bell rings to bring me out of the meditation. The good news is I always benefit from the time spent. Always.

Meditations gifts are cumulative. They evolve.

My last depression I triumphed through made me appreciate this deep inner wisdom.

I was feeling nothing, breathing, "meditating" on the rocks, and watching the water. My quiet inner voice had space to breathe and speak. It said, "you are numb, you are feeling nothing, your grief has turned: this is depression."

So quiet was that knowing. If I hadn't practiced for years listening for wisdom I may have missed it.

Wisdom can be quiet as a whisper yet profound.

2. Prayer
Prayer is more active than meditation.
It has a purpose or intention.
A question or problem to be solved.
I believe all can pray.

Our inner voice or spirit will answer. Our "God" will too. The Universe is always trying to get it's message across.

Call "it" what works for you.

Don't throw out this amazing tool because it feels odd. Trust me it works.

Several ways to pray:
The traditional hands together, "please God, answer my prayers." or "Inner self, what can I do to help this situation?"
Use tarot or angel cards to connect you through a question to your higher wisdom. It can be as simple as, "what do I need to know right now?"
Write with your dominant hand a question and let your other hand write the answer. "How do I buy my first house?" Get specific!
Experiment! There are as many ways to "pray" as there are ways to connect with the source of knowing. Be brave. Seek answers.
If you have other ways, email me and let me know. Love to build my tool box
3. Walking

I find walking to be incredibly powerful. It's like a moving meditation. And just like meditation the benefits are often not seen until the end of the experience.
I find setting the intention before a walk is huge.
And then walk with purpose.
Walk and breathe.
Add in a prayer or mantra to the walk and take it up a notch.
I might say, "What will move me forward with this business challenge?" or "How can I help my son overcome his anger?" or...fill in your blanks.

4. Shadow work

Perhaps the most challenging: shadow work is your disconnected parts calling out to be seen, heard and loved.

The shadow is playful.

The fastest way into shadow work is to notice who is bugging you most.

Once you have that, for deep wisdom and knowing ask the following:
What bugs me about this person. Write it down. Get really judgmental and dark. The more honest and critical you can be the better.
ie. My ex (a compilation of them here--I wanted to show big shadow themes) was lazy and only about play and fun. They never set goals or made/kept commitments.
Next, and perhaps the hardest part is turning the mirror around and reflecting on the disowned parts of you that you are seeing like sore thumbs. It could be the literal side of the judgement or the resentful inner part of you that craves what the other person is doing.
I reflect on where am I lazy or where do I not rest. I judge it as lazy, because I think I should never rest or I would become lazy. (Brutal eh?!)
Where do I only want fun or need more fun. I tend to be extremely serious thus the judgement of too much fun tormenting me.
Oh how hard this is.

I resisted this for years. It was too painful.

I can tell you on the other side of that, that when I do, I grow and heal big time.

So. The truth is that I needed to learn to rest more-my adrenals were burnt out. I need to add more fun and play into my life. I need to make commitments to my goals and keep them. Thanks Ex's and shadow work.

See, so simple when you write it down!!

Less clear when you only see the criticism.

This is a perfect example of my favourite go to way to end suffering...To stay in my own business!! (I have videos and articles on this.)

Criticism is a way to distract ourselves from what we are most afraid of knowing. It is emotional bullshit. (PDF and more info on EB here!)

Well lovely, I hope that gets you excited about diving deep into knowing your wisdom!

As always, I am here to remind you that You Are Enough and it's time to stop suffering and love your life. Let me know how I can help.

With Love,

Casey Berard


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