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Live Spiritually in the "Real World"? Yes!

Uncategorized Feb 05, 2021

Spirituality doesn't have to be a dirty word in your daily life and something you hide or are ashamed to share.

Hello feisty soul!

I have been working with people from all walks of life for awhile now, it's my 18th year of practice.

Teachers, chefs, carpenters, managers, IT folk, mechanics, technicians, engineers, factory workers, bookkeepers, nurses, counsellors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, moms, dads, children, and more have come to see me on a quest to stop the pain and suffering (physical, emotional and spiritual).

One of the interweaving threads and agonies is the belief in something more.

An interconnectedness.

A higher purpose or calling of their heart, perhaps their soul. The uniqueness of the language used to describe the feelings and energy are what separates.

A long time ago,

I decided that living my spirituality was one of my top values, mostly because it effected every area of my life.
I made my "home", my "default"-- a place of love, compassion and openness.

Along the way I also learned to set boundaries and to be brave. To risk keeping my heart and spirit open while facing scary and unbearable things in life.

If we haven't met in person you will not know that I have a circular tattoo on my chest in white that says, "I will love as though I cannot be hurt." (see picture below) That's how serious I am about living my spirit.

Living from my spirit taught me to grieve.

It taught me about loss and pain and unbelievable amounts of joy and ecstasy.

My hope is that life teaches you these things too because they are awe inspiring experiences (ok, not the first time...but once you've survived and triumphed through a few, challenges become phenomenal moments to have in life.)

You see prior to that, I was depressed and anxious.
​The traumas I had experienced kept me caged and scared.

Living spiritually: defining my life in my own way gave me back to myself.

How can you come back to yourself today?

1. What does being alive mean to you?
I see people suffer greatly when they live their lives for other people:
their parents,
their spouse,
their children,
their boss...
heck, I let a science teacher and then later a principle dictate my life and how I felt about myself!
Once you know consciously what aliveness means to you, you can live that fully.

2. Where is your spiritual home?
This can mean so many different things.
It can mean:
a church
a temple
the forest
your yoga mat
a pillow
a prayer shawl
a cozy sweater that reconnects you
Reiki practice
holding stones, or crystals
intentions or values that guide
For me it means re-centering with my intentions to have unwavering love and assertive boundaries with people! It's a spirit or intention I have within myself to create relationships and experiences that I want.

AND when I make a mistake--cause human beings, myself included make mistakes, I attempt to get back to my spiritual centre as quickly and harmlessly to myself and others as possible.

3. What energy do you want to cultivate?
I have to confess, I check in on this one at minimum 4 times a day:
at bedtime,
when I wake up,
at lunch, and then
usually after dinner.
I also check in:
5. when I am connecting with people,
6. before I write, and
7. before big (and little) events.

Ok, truthfully, I check in a lot but it happens in seconds because it's habit now.

I have a very negative thinking brain (trauma, depression, and anxiety have created major pathways in my brain that need to be avoided!!).

I know that may be hard to believe but it's true. I have worked and been disciplined about cultivating my spirit the way I would prune an apple tree: I want as much sunlight, oxygen and air to get in as possible. I will never willingly go back to depression.

4. How can you honour your emotions, your character and your soul?
Honouring means knowing and accepting and then accommodating to. It means having assertive boundaries with yourself!! Oh gosh this is such a hard but worthwhile path.

So much better then suffering!

Do you know areas in life that always hook you?

Years ago Pema Chodron's book on CD called, "Don't Bite the Hook," helped rewire my brain and train me to notice where I was tripping and stumbling on landmines.

The funny thing is we do the same things expecting different results and as Einstein said, " that's crazy. " Ok, I paraphrased there but you know it's not healthy, or fulfilling or exciting to keep bashing your head against the same wall.

So start with one thing that hooks you every time and walk down a different path.

My example is mornings.

My character:

I am not a morning person. I like quiet, smooth flowing mornings that aren't rushed. And do you know I used to squish in so much stuff and then get annoyed? Of course I did. I am human and I hadn't reflected on what I wanted.

When I did reflect I changed things.

New spiritually alive path:

I have enough time and space to do what I need to do slowly and easily.
I tell my children, "the mornings are scheduled to the minute to flow and be well paced. If you need my time or help let's schedule that the night before."
And I ask them the night before if they need me to add anything into my morning routine to help them.
Would you believe it works? It does. And it's incredibly freeing.

5. With what attitude and intention will you move forward with today?

I am realizing now that living spiritually is a big topic. A juicy exciting topic that I love.

Be where you are. Breathe deeply and ask that inner spirit how you will move forward today.


You spirit is quiet.

Your ego is LOUD.
This is why every coach and teacher worth their title suggests meditation, prayer, journalling...

something to quiet the loudness and bring you into the fullness.

As always, I am here to remind you that You Are Enough and it's time to stop suffering and love your life. Let me know how I can help.

With Love,

Casey Berard

PS. If this has helped you, it may help someone you love. Please share far and wide. More love and compassion in the world is a good thing!


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