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Mindful Assertive Boundaries thanks to a plant

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2021

I love gardening. It keeps me sane and healthy.

It also reinforces my faith in the flow and timing of Universal Forces. It teaches me so much about life.

Have you noticed how resilient plants are?

I have been trying to excavate an invasive plant from my yard and the neighbor's yard for 4 years now. It felt like survival of the fittest for a while, who was more determined to create the landscape.

I fought inner demons through this process. I suffered spiritual truths. I wondered who am I to evict this clearly determined plant from my garden. The plant taught me about assertive boundaries and persistence!

I learned that I could decide who or what came into my space and how I would share it. I did not want this rapidly growing (yet beautiful and lush) green plant to suffocate my other plants. It had clearly become the unsuspecting bully in the garden. And I was clear that I wanted everyone to get along, sharing resources to water, sunlight and oxygen. This plant was not sharing.

I wanted diversity and space for all the beautiful things to grow.

So I got out some heavy duty black plastic tarp and I covered the spaces I wanted for food crops and flowers. It took two years of the heat from the sun on that black tarp to heat up the soil enough to compost the roots of the plant.

I have learned to love and even be inspired by this plant.

Even after this two year tarp set up it still grew. It grew under the tarp and popped up on the other side of it. A full four feet of determination.

Tarp removal: just in front of the blue tarp you can see 3 of the plants still persisting to grow along the fence line. Amazing!

It made me think of all the obstacles in my life that I had let easily get in the way of my growth.

How easily I had given up on my dreams and hopes.

And I wondered if this plant felt discouraged. Did it feel the heat of the sun magnified by the tarp and say, “I am done.”? Did it grieve when I dug it up and meticulously pulled root after root out of the soil?

I have to guess that it didn’t.

I also wanted to know how it was so determined to grown under the four feet by 20 foot length of tarp and come out on the other side! I sat and meditated on my own journeys and if I would have the strength of character and perseverance to grow through the dark and unknown searching for light?

My neighbour’s yard is now fully invaded by this lush, green plant that has delightful white flowers once a year, equanimity at it’s finest. Left unbothered by spade and tarp it flourished. Truthfully, this plant, shy of “roundup” perhaps seems to flourish eventually under all conditions.

My yard with new veggie /plant garden. And me happily raking.

To the left the blue and black tarp and on the other side of the fence, the fully abundance of this amazing plant.

So I am using this in my life. Setting very assertive boundaries with the invasive-sunlight and oxygen sucking plants--I mean people in my life. And also persisting in challenging and trying times: through obstacles and darkness I am determined (most of the time) to get through to the other side.

And I am doing it with unwavering love. I have no anger or resentment for this plant. I have learned from her and grown full of respect for her ability to grow and thrive in challenge and hardship.

You see I have great respect for this plant now. She proved to be an amazing being just trying to thrive. And I can’t fault her for that. But I can kick her out of my yard and wish her well!! She can grow and be who she is in my neighbour’s yard. They don’t have other plants that need the light or room to grow. It seems to me there is a place for all.

Where do you need more sunlight and oxygen in your life to help your “plants” thrive?

How can your set assertive boundaries using unwavering love?

Would love to hear of your journeys.



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