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Mindful Guilt: Feelings as Friends 3 of 4 Blog and video


Do you procrastinate beautiful feisty soul, and then feel guilty?

OH my goodness. I had to laugh as I was setting my intention to write to you. First off, I felt guilty for not wanting to talk about guilt anymore and I felt guilty cause I was procrastinating and I really care about our relationship!!

OH the irony. A spiritual mindset coach is always a feisty soul too.

So, I review my own philosophy on guilt…

1. Guilt is about a behaviour or action. Check
2. Can I name the behaviour: Yup! I said I would do a series on guilt and now I don’t want to. (picture my cute inner 5 year old stomping her feet!)
3. How do I get back into the now and reinvest in my focus?

Well…I remember how much I want to share with my fellow feisty souls that feelings won’t destroy us.
I remember my commitment to myself and my mission.
I refocus. I get clear and back in the now.

In that space I can say, “oh, Casey, I forgive you for leaving the newsletter till the last minute. There’s still time though, start typing!!”.

And guess what?

I am typing and making this a short and sweet little love note to you dear fellow feisty soul and spiritual traveller.

Letting you know that guilt doesn’t have to weigh you down anymore. You can take one feeling of guilt at a time and break it down into the above 3 steps. Easy peasy the more we practice.

The hardest part is giving yourself permission to feel the feeling and process it.

You can do it!! Cheers and Blessings, Casey




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