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Mindfulness and Exercise

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2021

It seems we either love it or hate it. Whether you cringe at the word or you ignore the word, most people have very specific thoughts when they think of the word exercise.


I am really excited to let you know that there is lots of evidence-based research that shows that

30 minutes of “exercise”
a day can help prevent depression, anxiety, diabetes, heart disease, and a bunch of other signs and symptoms that we suffer from. It also boosts our immune system which is such a great thing to have as a parent of children who bring home yucky germs all the time.


So today I was walking my dog and thinking of all the ways I've found to flow with "exercise".


It really changes in the life of a mother. Finding time and motivation let alone inspiration when kids, partners, work, friends, and pets are wanting your time too.

So I've explored all sorts of options.


​Many forms of moving your body count!

Your mind, body and spirit will thank you.(nudge nudge wink wink)


Hula hooping


Running, jogging, sprints






Playing at the park with your kids


Yoni Yoga and Jade egg practice






Walking in different places, like a forest, Trail, around your neighborhood, head in a new direction each day


Purging (lifting boxes, bending, squatting)




Yard work


Jumping rope










And the list goes on and on.


Don’t do the same thing each day unless you love it. Put all your ideas in a hat and pick one out each day.

I was injured recently and had to find new ways of moving my body that keep me equally as healthy. I've been a runner for eight years and have had several injuries(a feature of having a smart dog and a distracted owner).


I found that doing hula hooping, playing “Just Dance” on Wii with my kids and walking around the neighbourhood all helped keep my heart and lungs, muscle strength, and mental health(I am either a raging basket case or a teary, tired one without my regular body care routine) in shape leading me to feeling happy and healthy while I healed from injuries. As an added bonus, I learned first hand that running wasn’t the only way to stay healthy!


So I'm inviting you to look at your thoughts around exercise and see if there are subtle or large ways that you could change them for the better?


Could you say,

“I'm gonna do five minutes of moving my body a day” whatever you feel like and then, often times, once you start moving your body you keep moving it. Remember from grade 8 physics: a body at rest tends to stay at rest, a body in motion tends to stay in motion.

Come up with a list of five things you like doing that involve moving your physical body, you love doing AND that make you feel good.


Post it some place so it’s easy to see and to remember.


And then schedule in five minutes each day of your week. I find weekends the most challenging. Luckily my dog and my mood keep me inspired to love myself through movement!


Remember to be kind if you miss a day. Nobody is perfect. Just start up again the next day. Or if you've been sick, be gentle as you get back into your regular healthy routine.


Get back to me and let me know how this goes. See if it changes things. See if it shifts how you're thinking, feeling or moving through life.


If you have questions or concerns or you want some help during this brainstorming, scheduling, getting over your lack of momentum let me know I'd love to help! You can leave a comment, connect on facebook or work with me privately--either way, let’s move these beautiful bodies of ours.


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